Do you want to take a walk through fabric heaven? Take a lesson in fashion? Or perhaps, admire and learn about some precious weaving instruments? If so, then CASA dei TESSUTI is the pIace for you!
The splendor of the Brunelleschi's dome and the bells of Giotto' s tower sponsored in the fifteenth century by the Wool Guild with their gold florins, provide the right atmosphere.
The sons of Egisto Romoli, who founded the present business in 1929, will do everything possible to accommodate your needs and interests. So, when you cross the threshold of this landmark establishment you are greeted not only by the Romoli brothers and their time honored tradition of service, but also by an incredible array of beautifuI fabrics in a rainbow of colors, ranging from basic blacks and grays to vibrant greens, deep royal blues, shimmering magentas and warm reds.
While this outstanding variety of color, design, and pattern dazzles your sight, you will also have an abundance of materials to stimulate your sense of touch: linen, silk, Sea Isle cotton, Tasmanian wool, Mongolian cashmere, Vicuna from the Andes and much more. Most of all, your visit will be rendered unforgettable by the warm welcome, the patient and attentive service, and the valuable advise, offered by Romano, Romolo, and the young Alessandro, who is the grandson of Romano, as well as the knowledgeable and experienced staff.
So, what you have seen in fashion magazines and touched in your dreams can be made into something beautitul and fashionable just for you. Master dressmakers and tailors can rapidly transform what you have chosen into something unique and exclusive just for you! A suit, a dress, an evening gown, or a shirt, trousers or a sport coat made for just
one special person, you.
Only then, will you be able to fully understand what Leonardo da Vinci meant, when he spoke of beautiful fabrics: "We should find someone worthy to inhabit these wonderful materials!" That someone could be you!
Here moreover, one can have the extraordinary opportunity to attend a regular lesson in the history of cloth, or dress, from as far back as the Roman times to the present, you will learn the true meaning of the expression "ltalian Fashion" and "Made in Italy" and realize that these expressions were born in Florence. All of this attested to by the experience of students and teachers of art, fashion and textile schools around the world, and documented in numerous guestbooks in the shop.
In 2004 on the occasion of the 75th Anniversary of the establishment, a small Museum in Casa dei Tessuti has reopened, after closing due to the flood of November 1966.
Ancient fabrics, precious books and some rare instruments of the trade used for spinning, weaving, cutting, sewing, and ironing are exhibited in the shop.
CASA dei TESSUTI at the beginning of the third millenium, represents a rare attempt to maintain and appreciate both ancient traditions and modern trends in Florence and throughout the world.
CASA dei TESSUTI's motto for the future is:



Tamasaburou Bando

general manager (Japan)


Florence Program Firenze, Italia

Dear Romano.

There is none like you or like "Casa dei Tessuti" in all the world.

You make the history of Florence come alive and the fabrics and wonderful artifacts in your stare make it seem like we are in a wonderland of fashion.

The students of Kent State University fashion program studying here in Florence ere forever grateful to you for your hospitality and your sharing with us this year.

For me it is always a thrill to see how you light up the faces of a new group of students by your enthusiasm and lave of Florence and beautiful textiles.

You have once again added to our students educational experience and we thank you so very much.

I am enclosing a small gift far you to remember us by until we meet again. In addition one student wrote a tourist news article about Casa dei Tessuti. You are welcome to use it in anyway.

We wish you, your brother and son the very best and hope you continue to bring the richness of textiles old and new to Florence and it's visitors far many years to come.

Sincerely your friend,

Jack Delonge On- site director



College of Vìsual and Performìng Arts Department of lnterior Design and Fashion

ApriI 19,2005


Radford, VA 24142

Dear Romano,
I just wanted to write to you on behalf of Radford University' s study abroad program. We very much enjoyed discussion on fabrics and the history of fabrics. The students enjoy learning about this field and meeting someone with great knowledge. They enjoyed the seeing the original gold coin, the small piece of fabric from Marie Antoinette, the old 100m, an of course, the wonderful fabrics made with gold and silver yam. What an amazing collection of antiques!! I personally was in awe of your collection. And, I am sure you remember how much my collegue liked that red and gold yam fabric!
Your fabrics were superb. What a wonderful life to be surrounded by such beautiful fabrics every day! I love the fabric I purchased, but I have not yet come up with the perfect design to use it in. The students enjoyed having you choose the perfect fabric far each of them and drape a unique design on them. You may then feel like princesses.

I hope that if we get back to Italy next year that we will once again be able to talk with you. I hope you enjoy the personal letters from the students, as well. Again, my sincerest thanks far taking time out of your very busy life to speak with us.

Jennifer L. Clevenger, Ph/D

Assistant Professor

Department of Interior Design and Fashion

Radford University




Who says the Renaissance is over?

After a visit to your shop and conversation with you, we feel reborn and revitalized.

Lezli & Sally Weintrobe (USA)



Your materials are a tribute to the genius of Florence.

(South Africa)


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